Hey there, I’m Allan the Kiwi

I have a crazy origin story like some of the most iconic super heroes in pop-culture, so let me explain. My name is Allan and I am a Kiwi bird. Kiwi birds are native to New Zealand however when I was a small bird my parents decided that we should migrate to America which is where things started to get interesting.

Now Kiwi birds don’t have wings… or arms… so we had to find some sort of transportation to get us across the pacific. My parents and I managed to sneak onto an Air New Zealand airplane by hiding in the luggage compartment.

The Bolt Of Lightning!

Lightning image

About halfway into the flight the plane started to shake violently. It seemed we were flying through a big storm! My parents warned me to jump up onto some luggage so that we weren’t directly in contact with the metal casing of the plane. However I was having trouble leaping up that being such a little bird! That’s when the bolt of lightning struck hitting the plane and giving me the shock of my life!

The Fall

The shock of lightning had knocked me out and when I awoke the plane was starting to sink under water. I didn’t see my parents anywhere so I swam with my feet through an opening in the side of the plane eventually making it to the surface. It was at this point I realized something was different. It felt like a new part of my brain had been unlocked and the thoughts started flowing through. All my old thoughts were instinctive but these new thoughts were creative and allowed me to have a conversation with my inner voice.

Journey to Land

I couldn’t worry about my new thinking powers just yet I still had to get to safety. The first thing I did was swim to a piece of the planes debris so I could lay on top and use my feet to paddle. The sun was super bright at this point and for those that don’t know Kiwi bird’s are nocturnal so I was starting to panic. Just then a broken suitcase floated by me with a pair of Aviator sunglasses sitting on top of a pile of clothes. I snatch the glasses with my beak and threw them on, much better! For the next two days I paddled until I finally reached shore.

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

By this point I knew I had gained some super bird powers. I could read the street signs and think to myself about everything that was happening. I was still very confused by everything but was quickly learning and understanding my surroundings. I came across a sign that said Golden Gate Bridge which meant I must of made it to California which was our original destination.

What Now?

It’s been 26 years since the crash. I was never able to find my parents but I hope that they got rescued with the other humans on board. For me I live a simple life, I spend most of my time watching people and listening to their interactions with one another. They are fascinating for so many reasons! Recently I came across a little human at the beach, he seemed like a genuinely good person so I walked up to him so he could pat me on the head. He did so and then picked up a rock in the sand and threw it 20 feet away. I humored him by running after it and bringing it back to him. Later that day I followed him home and took up shelter in his backyard. At night I’ve been sneaking into his game room to use his computer. There’s so much knowledge on the internet and i’m learning more and more everyday!

The Blog

While being conscience might not be a super power to humans, it is for a little old Kiwi bird. This made me think, how could I use my powers for good? So I decided to use the knowledge I’ve learned from watching humans, reading books, and browsing the internet to hopefully help teach some of the lessons I’ve been able to learn over the course of my life. I may not have hands but just as the boy that named me “Allan” said “Wow you’re one smart kiwi!”

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