What is True Success?

True success is only achieved by those who’ve found goals they care deeply about.

— Allan the Kiwi

One of the biggest struggles I see with humans in the world is their desire to be successful. But sometimes I wonder if they even know what being successful means. Are they trying to be successful at a specific activity? at Life? Does being successful mean making millions of paper monies? Well I’ve had the pleasure of watching many different people over the years who all came from different backgrounds and believe I can identify what made some of them successful.

“I just wanna be, I just wanna be, Successful”

Why do people want to be successful? It seems to me they believe it ties directly to happiness, and I would agree! If you experience true success in something you feel accomplished and you take joy in your accomplishments. The drive for success, is in pursuit of happiness. So successful people are those that accomplish something which makes them proud. But accomplishing goals alone does not mean a person will feel successful, there’s a few more pieces to it in order to understand true success.

How to define Success?

From what I can tell true success is completely different for every single person and animal. But what is similar for everyone is that you only measure true success with accomplishments you care deeply about. For instance, if you wanted to let’s say become an artist, then you might measure your success by how much people enjoy your artwork. If you’re a doctor you might measure true success by the number of lives you’ve helped. But this also means if you get promoted at a job you don’t care about, this won’t add to your rating of success. Only true success seems to translate into happiness because these are achievements a person deeply cares about accomplishing.

Understanding what goals matter to you

In order to become truly successful then, you have to know what goals matter to you. This question is not easy to answer. It plagues people for lifetimes since a person’s wants and desires change frequently. But when you can nail down a few things that you really care about, you have now created yourself a path to happiness. For some people maybe success is making the most paper monies in the world. For others it could be as simple as having surrounded yourself with the best friends who bring you the most joy. For a Kiwi like me, I get joy from sharing my thoughts with the people on the internet!

The Rich man

Many times people believe money is the actual measure of success, but i’ve found money to be irrelevant. One day I was doing my usual walk around the city and came across a man who had just stepped out of a very nice and shiny car. He wore a fancy suit and a gold tick-tock clock on his hand. I followed him to the park bench where I usually eat some fallen french fries, and it was here where he stopped to make a phone call. He was calling his daughter who didn’t pick up so he left a voicemail telling her how he was sorry he missed her birthday but that his company ended up closing the deal he flew out there for. After the call the man sat down on the bench. He looked sad, and lonely. It was at this point the man and I both realized something. He thought making his company more profitable would bring him joy for accomplishing his goal, when really true success would have been being the best father he could possibly be for his daughter.

Maybe the man realized his mistake early enough to reprioritize his goals, but for some that’s not always the case. True success is achieved by constantly evolving along with your goals. True success does not require you to be rich but instead to be rich in experiences that you’ve had achieving goals you deeply care about.

And remember always leave extra fries by the bench, they taste so good!

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